Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Cardiff
Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

NLP Hypnotherapy can be a really useful aid to help you stop smoking. Here are some of the ways NLP and hypnosis can help you :-

  • to learn new ways to relax
  • to build the belief that you can stop smoking
  • to minimise cravings
  • to build your resolve and help you make this change permanent
  • to help you see yourself as a non-smoker
  • to address the thoughts and feelings that have been triggers for smoking

Stop Smoking Package Four Hours of NLP Hypnotherapy £350

All sessions come with a free Stop Smoking Hypnosis audio on CD or MP3 for you to use at home

I had previously struggled with quitting smoking and had attempted many times with various recommended theories. This included patches, sprays, inhalers, chewing gum etc. Since the therapy I found that I cope with stress and anger with a lot more ease than previously experienced. I now think before even thinking about smoking. After I left the hypnotherapy I did crave to smoke but that was easily forgotten as I was so relaxed. Days passed and it didn’t wear off and I felt myself feeling better and better. Only now I realise how everything I did in life revolved around smoking.
I’m a different person as such. I still struggle a lot but I think of the simple questions you asked me and it helps…

James, 21, Cardiff, Non-smoker, October 2011, three months after a two hour session

Hi Georgia,
Just wanted to let you know that since our last meeting a month ago I’ve stopped smoking. Something seems to have hit home. I’ve had a few wobbles, but I haven’t then gone out and bought fags because deep down I now identify myself personally as someone who doesn’t smoke.
As a non-smoker I feel healthier and happier.
Thank you.

Matt, South Wales