Reasons for NLP Hypnotherapy Sessions

Reasons for NLP Hypnotherapy Sessions
Reasons People Come to NLP Hypnotherapy Sessions

Below is a list of reasons that people have given for coming to see me over the years. The list is extensive but it is by no means exhaustive, there are sure to be some that I don’t remember. Many people have given more than one reason for their appointment – there is more than a small degree of crossover between different sections of the list (a problem in one category may have an underlying cause in another).

For public speaking or presenting
To be more assertive
To do what you want to do
To build your business
To move your business or career forward
To change career
To make up your mind
To trust yourself

Weight or Eating Habits
To lose weight
To stop binge eating
To eat a wider range of foods
To eat healthily
Food phobias
To gain weight or eat regularly

To have better relationships
To stop being so critical of others
For a stable long term relationship
To stop relationship hopping
To choose better relationships
To get out of an abusive relationship
To accept the loss of a relationship that is over
Jealousy or problems with trusting
To move on after divorce or a past relationship

Past Experiences
To overcome past trauma
To let go of past grief
To stop feeling sad
To stop dwelling on the past
To live in the present
To get over issues from childhood

Unhelpful beliefs
It’s not worth trying
Everything will go wrong
I can’t do anything right
One step forward two back
I’m no good (I don’t deserve…)
I was born with this problem
I’ll get caught out (or found out)
I’m unlucky
Good things never last
I always lose
Good things don’t happen to me

Self Esteem
To feel better about yourself
To like yourself
Self Belief
Feeling not good enough
To make time for yourself
To stop putting everyone else first
Feeling different or on the outside
I don’t deserve/am not worthy of..

Other Unwanted Behaviours
Smoking Marijuana
Alcohol dependency
Nail Biting
Self sabotaging behaviour
Self destructive behaviours
Insomnia or sleep disorders
Lack of motivation

Fears and Phobias
Fear of heights
Fear of flying
Motorway driving
Fear of snakes
Fear of needles
Fear of hospitals
Phobia of balloons
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Dental phobia
Fear of wasps
Fear of horses (Equinophobia)
Fear of dogs (or cats)

Unwanted Feelings
Despair or hopelessness
No way forward
Feeling you don’t belong
Feeling a fraud
Anger or resentment