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I have featured twice on Bristol Community Radio; talking about my one to one Breakthrough Sessions and the Unconscious Mind and talking about how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. This second programme is below;

NLP Hypnotherapy offers really effective ways to make personal changes, greatly improve the way you feel and get yourself heading in the right direction.

My name is Georgia Walby and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist (Master Hypnotherapist), a certified Master Practitioner of NLP  (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and an NLP Trainer (ANLP Trainer member.)

I have been helping people with my NLP Breakthrough sessions for almost ten years. In one or two Breakthrough Sessions of just four hours each you I can help you to make a significant change to how you think and feel.

People come to see me for all sorts of reasons, and I have helped many people to feel better day in day out, including people who have previously tried all sorts of other theraputic interventions or been to see other practitioners and even people who didn’t believe they could feel better or change what they were doing.

Put simply, I can help you let go of painful feelings and problematic behaviours in just four hours.

Read my testimonials to see how others have done so.

You can click through to my online reviews here to read feedback from past customers or you can have a look around this site – there are testimonials on many of the pages.

For Young People aged 16 – 25 – sessions are 2 hours weekly (2 sessions is the average)

Breakthrough Sessions of four hours are open to anyone aged 16 or over.

Sessions are in Cardiff, South Wales and are also available via Skype for those who do not wish to travel.

NLP Practitioner Training in Cardiff 2016

As a skilled NLP Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner & Trainer, I can offer you really effective help with:-


Hypnotherapy Cardiff Testimonials

I have certainly been a lot better since seeing you – my partner and close friends have noticed a huge change. My ability to deal with stress in the work environment has improved beyond belief too. I think that I have seen changes in my attitude to food and feel a lot happier about the way I eat, I have also cut down on the drinks I had gotten used to in the evenings and have seen huge benefits in this area.

Jemma, South Wales, January 2012

I think that our sessions were very helpful indeed. More helpful than any other coach / therapist in view of the number of hours we spent with each other.

J.E. Cardiff, October 2012

I looked at lots of hypnotherapy websites looking for weight loss hypnosis and I read that you needed to feel comfortable with the therapist and they need to answer any questions you have before you book. I took this to great lengths as I emailed you SO much to answer what would have been the most bizarre questions ever!

I just thought now or never and I booked a whole day NLP Hypnotherapy session.
The day itself was very intense, emotional, rewarding and most of all enjoyable. You made it so easy for me, I felt as if I was talking to a friend not a therapist. What had started off with me wanting to lose some weight ended with you taking me on a journey of self discovery, allowing me to not only like myself but to totally love myself!! I have a lot more energy, and most importantly I’m loving life. Something I thought happened to other people, something I thought was out of reach for someone like me!

Before I came to see you, my life revolved from meal to meal. I would be consumed by food, if I wasn’t eating it, I’d be thinking about what I could eat next, if I wasn’t doing that I was watching cooking programs. The change is that I think like a normal person now, food is way down on my list of priorities. I eat to keep myself going and other than that I don’t think about it!!!!

I’ve been swimming twice this week and intend going again tomorrow. I hadn’t been for years because I was afraid people would look at my size, however I didn’t give it a second thought, I got in and was away, and loving it! I’ve had comments about how different I look, everything from I’ve done my hair different to a change in my moisturiser as ‘I’m glowing’!! I feel SO different! People say life begins at 40 and mine has certainly just begun!!!!
Thank you again.

Sharon, Merthyr Tydfil, July 2011

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